VoiceOver unresponsive for a few seconds after wake on Big Sur, anyone else?

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After updating to Big Sur I consistently find that when waking my Mac there can be anything up to 5 seconds before VoiceOver becomes responsive.

I am seeing this on two different Macs, which suggests that it might not be an issue specific to my setup. One of these is a M1 MacBook Air, so one would assume that it has to be a software issue rather than hardware performance.

I have enough residual vision to know that the Mac has actually woken, and that Command-Tab will move me through applications during this time when VoiceOver is silent.

Is anybody else experiencing this?



Submitted by nohansa nuh on Friday, November 20, 2020

I having A same issue
running on intel MacBook air 2020.

actually I having A problem seen mac OS Catalina.

the problem actually on system audio, for sum reason is mutit.
usually whent I playing loute media, IE on VLC media player.
the problem's also whent I playing lout media using bluetooth headset.