Using MarsEdit with Sierra and VoiceOver

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Hi, all. Earlier this year, I discovered MarsEdit. It's blog editing software that allows me to update and add to my website which uses WordPress. I gave the software a trial run and then purchased it. Since I have a couple websites and am pretty new at maintaining them, I was so pleased to know that I could add and edit pages to the sites. I communicated my excitement to Daniel, the developer of MarsEdit. He was very pleased. He warned me, however, that if I upgraded to Sierra, I may encounter some difficulty navigating the rich text editor with VoiceOver. He told Apple of the challenges he was having with VoiceOver in the editor. Since the accessible nature of this software is why I purchased it, I'm reluctant to upgrade my MacBook Air to Sierra. Has anyone else confirmed difficulty using MarsEdit with Sierra? My details are limited as to the challenges here, so I would appreciate any confirmation or other info you might have. Thanks so much!




Submitted by Pa. Joe on Sunday, July 9, 2017

I purchased Marsedit some time last year, and I was using Sierra. There were no problems until some up grade. Then it became a real disappointment. I complained, and got no satisfaction. I keep hoping some version will get better. Now it's actually easier to edit on the wordpress site it self, and that's saying something.

Submitted by Ekaj on Sunday, July 16, 2017

I started a trial of MarsEdit last year and then purchased the full version. I am now using OS Sierra 10.12.5 and have had no issues updating my site. My site is hosted on Dreamwidth, but the good folks over at Dreamwidth Studios, LLC have made sure their platform works well with MarsEdit. The only issue I've had with this app is that it is not compatible with either the blog for my job or the blog for another nonprofit organization in which I've been involved for several years. But upon trying to connect to those blogs, I contacted the developer and he told me that basically their interfaces weren't compatible with his app. Actually I think one was sort of compatible, but that site hadn't been updated since 2011 and we've since moved our blog over to our main site. But I love this app and indeed communicated that to the developer. I don't believe I've tried out the Rich Text Editor or Dreamwidth's Rich Text Editor with the app for that matter, but it'd be interesting to do so. Update: I just attempted to post something to my journal that I wrote today in the local writers' workshop which I attend, but couldn't edit anything. I'm going to try some things and if they won't work, I'll contact Daniel the developer.