Transferring music from an old iPhone 3G to a MacBook for use in iTunes

macOS and Mac Apps

I have this crappy old iPhone 3G without voiceover with music on it that can’t be found or purchased on Apple Music or iTunes.
Is there anyway I can get the music off of the old iPhone, so I can use it in my iTunes library?
It would be so nice to be able to listen to this music with my AirPods instead of being tied to a pair of earbuds that has to have the little remote thingy for skipping back-and-forth, and playing and pausing?
If you have any solutions, post on this form, or email me at
Thanks so so so so so much,
I would prefer it if I could do this for free, but a paid option would be totally fine.
Also, the iPhone 3G is on a different Apple ID than mine, and I don’t know the password to the other Apple ID.