Is there an update yet to Yosemite?

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After the bugs which have been observed by myself and a lot of us in OSX 10.10 Yosemite, I'm curious to know if Apple has yet pushed an update which has fixed any of them. Are we still on OSX 10.10, or has there been a 10.10.1 or whatever it'll be release yet. I'm incredibly curious.

The other thing is, all of my mac systems are well out of their warranty period, which means I cannot get complementary free technical support any longer. I know that Apple is incredibly strict about this policy, no warranty, pay up, or go away and leave us alone! That said, ok, fine, I'm somewhat exagerating what they say. They don't say leave us alone, LOL! They might as well though. So, ultimately, if your system is out of warranty, then how do you report bugs to them? I used to be a developer, so I could use the bug tracker, but I let my developer membership expire... mainly because, 1, I can't afford it, and B, why should I keep it! It seems at least by my personal perspective, whether true or not, that I observe that rather than bugs getting fixed this last year's dev cycle, it seems like they're only getting way worse. And honestly, Apple really can't say that we've not reportted things, as yeah, we kind a have. I have nothing really against Apple, even though it sure as heck may seem that way. I do! however think that Apple is lagging behind on accessibility. I'm willing to stick it out and see if things improve, don't get me wrong, but how can I report bugs. I'm scared that Apple won't even talk to me if I call their support. I tell them it's out of warranty, Im afraid then, they'll not even allow me to tell them about the bug. So, I know about, but I guess my question is what department specifically has the password to log in and read those submitions? I bet it isn't accessibility, and look at it also this way. Though that is a very good method for feedback, they get so many of those submitions daily that trying to sort through them only just to locate the ones about accessibility? I'm sorry, but let's be realistic... that would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Look, I promise you! Cross my heart, I'm not trying to be negative here, at least not purposely, but I just am a little worried about where things are gonna wind up going. It kind a scares me a bit, as let's just hypothetically say that Apple does! wind up going down hill on accessibility going forward. Realize, I'm not saying they will... I'm only saying, let's just for a second assume that hypothetically they do... ok, there is always Android, Windows phone God forbid, etc. but really speaking, I O S is really where the mobile market is for accessibility, and as for the OSX side, does this mean we'd then be forced to use windows pc's with screen readers that cost over a grand? OK, there's NVDA, but that's not exactly my point. I'm probably just way over-paranoid, but I do have to wonder after the last I O S major update to 8.0. I know 8.1 fixed a lot of things supposedly, but I admit I'm still a little bit sceptical. So yeah, ultimately, getting back to my initial question, have they pushed an OSX update yet to fix some of the things, like the Safari arrow key navigation not following the Voiceover cursor? Or maybe the one where shifting any character in an html area of any app produces the new line selected message? God, I can't begin to tell you how freaking annoying that is! It's not a doorstopper, but it's darn close to one.

Your thoughts?



Submitted by AccessNinja on Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mehgcap is right, is probably your best bet without having a developer account right now. AppleCare phone support is not a very effective way to report software bugs. As far as future releases go Apple released a public beta of 10.10 Yosemite back in June that allowed anyone to download an beta copy of the OS without having to purchase a developer account. Considering the success of the program there is a good chance that this will be an option when when next June rolls around and they are talking about OS 10.11. If you want to get in early for bug reports that would be a good way as it won't cost a thing expect your time.

If you live nearby an Apple store you might want to consider giving them a try for out of warrenty software support. Out of warrenty repairs will still cost (although I've had them wave fees for repairs of just out of warrenty stuff in the past) but I've gotten some nice support and advice in person. They aren't as likely to have a specialist who is well versed in VoiceOver specific support in person though so you might want to check in with them first to see if they have staff that are familiar with VoiceOver first. They are a good resource for quick help and software issues but won't really do walk throughs or training support. Results can vary from store to store.

I wouldn't worry too much about Apple's commitment to accessibility. It is true there have been a lot more issues with the last release of iOS 8 and OS 10.10 but that was true for both VoiceOver users and sighted users. iOS 8.1 fixed a lot of bugs for a lot of people. The issue probably stems from an overly ambitious launch cycle this year. The change list this year was staggering and caused a lot of issues getting it out in time for the new phones and hardware. If you are worried about Apple not paying attention to accessibility just keep in mind that iOS 8 was not a stagnant release for accessibility features and OS 10.10 Yosemite features an overhaul to the accessibility APIs for developers making it simpilier for Mac software developers to ensure their software is accessible.

Don't be discouraged. It is vocal users like you that help keep the platform great. Now that Apple has performed this years major feature dump I suspect the next roll out will be a lot more gentle.