Request for safari keyboard shortcuts in a Spanish keyboard

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hello, I posted my questions in the Safari guideline for starting with a new Mac section, but nobody answered, so I started this new topic.

I'm relatively new to Mac. I still have some questions regarding some shortcuts that don't work in my Spanish Keyboard, so hope someone could help me with them:
1. In my Spanish keyboard I never have been able to make the command left bracket to move backward a page, how could I do so?
2. How could I jump from the content of the current page to the lateral bar? I use the letter B multiple times with Quick Nav on, and someday I will get to it, but I think there must be a direct way to do so.
3. How could I jump directly tu my favorites? I find that it is very complicated to reach the markers tab making a lot of movements, and I would like to find a shortcut just like in internet explorer in windows, where I can have my.favorites with just a single shortcut like ctrl + f.
4. Also the shortcut command-shift-backslash doesn't open any open tabs list, for me. How could I get this list?
5. How could I jump to the top or bottom of the page with a shortcut?

Thanks in advance for any help.