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Hi all. So, I do a lot of music production and I usually use garageband for all of it but there are some things that I'm wanting to do that I really can't or can't seem to do. I make a lot of hip-hop beets and I'm wanting to role my hi-hats more but I'm not sure of how to go about this when using garageband. My first question is this. Does anyone know how to role hi-hats at a specific spot and if it can be done? Second question is this. I'm wanting to go more professional with my production and I'm thinking, logic pro. I know a couple of people have used it successfully with VoiceOver and just want your thoughts on this before I go forking 200 bucks on this. Do you guys think it's worth getting? what can or can't you do with it verses garageband? thanks all.



Submitted by 3rdEyePro on Sunday, January 10, 2016

+Thinking the same, but I haven't gotten all out of (GB) that I want; How's your mix? I've been having issues with the Track Headers being Consistent; Are you using the latest version?

Submitted by Bo Jingles on Monday, May 20, 2019

Dear VoiceOver User:

If you are wondering whether it is worth the time and money to upgrade to Logic Pro X, the short answer is yes. While there are still some limitations to accessibility, not only can you do everything that you can do in GarageBand, but you can do so much more.

Even though GarageBand and Logic pro X share the same basic user interface, I quickly discovered that Logic Pro X is organized very differently. With my struggles to figure it out fresh in mind, I decided to write this primer to make it easier for GarageBand users to upgrade to Logic Pro X.

Who Is This Primer For?

This primer is written for people who are already familiar with VoiceOver and GarageBand. For example, if I say "navigate to the Smart Controls Group and interact with it," or, "open the Loops Browser and copy a certain loop into the Tracks Header Group," it is best if you already know how to do these things without needing step-by-step instructions. To get the most out of this primer, you should have access to both GarageBand and Logic Pro X, so that you can follow along as you read. You will be switching back and forth between GarageBand and Logic. As of this writing, the current version of GarageBand is 10.3.2, and the current version of Logic is 10.4.4.

This twenty-two page primer is free. I wrote it as a service to the blind community but, truth be told, the effort deepened my own understanding of both GarageBand and Logic Pro X. You may request a copy by emailing me at:

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