Quick question about Logic Pro X

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I am perfectly aware of the Logic-Accessibility e-mail list, but due to reasons which shall not be disclosed, I'm unable to join that list at this time,and therefore am posting my question here in hopes that someone, anyone, will be able to help.

Let me explain my situation. I am primarily a ProTools users at heart. Yeah, I'll admit, I'm a bit biased. I'm trying however to give Logic a go from an accessibility standpoint.

In trying to learn how to do incredibly basic editing, here is what I'm working with.

I have a file which has me clearing my throat, then saying, "The colors of the flag are red, white, orange, and blue."

Obviously, firstly, the throat noise needs to go away, then finally the word orange needs to go away as well.

I understand that I could simply move my play head to the beginning of the word orange, split the region with Command+T, move to the end of the word orange, then split again, thereby essentially making the word orange be on its own region. Then, I could simply delete, or in my case, I've assigned a key command to let me delete and move, so that everything after the word orange gets rippled, if you will, back thereby filling that gap of silence where I deleted the word orange.

There are times however that this method isn't going to be practical, and where I'd rather rely on the marquee tool. Let's take another scenareo.

Say I have a project that is an even 10 bars in length. I start my marquee selection at the beginning of bar 3. I want to select to bar 5. So, I make that selection. Then, I realize actually I need to move the right side boundery of that marquee selection a bit further. So, say instead of the selection ending at bar 5, I may want it to be only a few ticks after the beginning of bar 5. We're talking about moving that right boundery just a smidge! Just bair'r'r'rly! move it to the right.

On the other hand, say I determine I made a little too much of a selection, and need that right boundery to move just a few ticks backward, thereby shrinking that right boundery just a hair.

I'm looking for, basically four different key commands here. One to move the left boundery to the left thereby extending the left selection, one to move the left side inward a very very teeny teeny amount thereby shrinking the left side of the selection. Then two more key commands: one to move the right hand side inward or outward.

I get that I can use shift+left or right arrows to move the left side boundery, and simply just left and right arrows to move the right hand boundery, but what if it's moving too much at a time? I thought doing these 4 commands was moving by division, so I looked to see if that could be moved to a smaller incrament, even if it meant changing the nudge value, or the zoom ratio, but that's not working. The only thing I can think is that it's moving to the next and previous major transient, which of corse may or may not be fine. I guess if I was trying to move by a whole word, or sylable, that's fine, but if you're trying to just remove a real small blip, maybe just a little bit of breath noise, or a hiccup, burp/fart, God forbid, etc. that might be less than a major transient, thereby doing this method, you may pass right over it when realigning your selection.

So, how in the world is the best way to move those bounderies, and to determine how much they move once a marquee is set?