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I have two questions which I hope some kind soul can help me with. LOL! :)

I have an IPhone 5S from AT&T which is running the most recent I O S 8.1.1 update that came out just a couple of days ago. Further, I have a mid 2012 eluminum macbook Pro with no customizations. It's just the base stock unit. It currently runs Yosemite 10.0.1 which also was just released a very very short time ago. What I am trying to ascertain is how exactly to make and receive calls on my mac instead of on my IPhone. I understand that there is an Applevis podcast demonstrating this, but what the gentlemen didn't cover was how to go about doing the first time setup. So, I guess, what I'm ultimately saying is, I understand how to use the Facetime app on the mac to make an outbound call to a traditional lan line, etc, and I also understand when someone calls my IPhone how to answer that call with my mac, instead of with my IPhone. What I don't! understand is how to connect my IPhone to my mac in the first place to allow this to happen. I.E, do I need to pare my phone to my mac via bluetooth, and if so, how do I? Or, do they simply just need to be on the same wifi network, and both be signed into the same ICloud account. I know about going into IMessage preferences on the mac and enabling my phone number under the accounts tab. Is that it though?

As for my question about handoff, let's say that I am actively in a phone call on my IPhone 5S, and then I want to now hand it off and continue talking to the person on my mac without first hanging up and having to redial the call on my mac. In other words, I, effectively, want to take that call which is on my IPhone, and basically just act like you would on a traditional lan line where you can pick up another handset, hang up the first handset and continue talking. I want to hand the call totally off to my mac without hanging up. Is this something with the current model IPhone and current model macbook pro that I can do? If so, what is the process to do it? Do I bump my phone against the mac to do it? Does this handoff thing rely on NFS technology? I've Googled, and I've found many references about the fact that you can do handoff, but none of them are really clear on exactly how to.

Thank you for any and all help which other Applevis moderators, editers, or contributers might offer.

God bless, and have a terriffic day wherever in this lovely world you might be located!



Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Friday, November 21, 2014

Hi,Uou need to make sure that your mac from the last years i am think from 2012 or later.
You need check if onder "settinges" in "face time" is acctive "selular calls" in both devices on mac and iphone.
Connect to wi-fi and same icloude on iphone and mac.
I don't sure if model of your mac sutable for make and get calls.
Hope de'ts help!
I will help with pleasure!

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Friday, November 21, 2014

OK, so what else is new in life! Looks like I've gotta call Apple a? gan! I got phone calls working on my mac, maybe one or two times, but it is so inconsistent it's not even worth me even giving that much credit. Again, this is a mid 2012 macbook pro, and a gold 32GB AT&T 5S. I can usually receive calls and successfully answer and carry on a call from my mac with no issue, but placing outbound calls, whether in my contacts already or not, to a number is just! not! happening! Maybe 2 out of literally 50 tests, it worked correctly, then rest of the time, either I get an error saying IPhone not available, and to be sure it is on the same wifi network as my mac, which of corse, no Duh, it is. Yes, before anyone asks, I am signed into my ICloud account on my phone and on the macbook. And before you ask am I positive of this? I'm not stupid! Yes! I am positive. I looked at least 10 to 20 times! Yes, I went to sms forwarding on my phone, yes, I entered the pin on my phone which showed on my mac. Yes, bluetooth is on on both devices. Yes, according to the Apple Support web site, my IPhone and my macbook both are compatible to be able to do this. Yes, my IPhone has I O S 8 or later. Yes, my macbook is on Yosemite. Yes, I rebooted the phone. Yes, I warm reset the phone with power+home keys held. Yes, on my phone I reset network settings. Yes, I toggled on/off bluetooth both on the phone and on the macbook. Yes I toggle off and back on Facetime on my phone. Yes, I signed out and back in to both IMessage on both my phone and macbook, as well as Facetime on my macbook. Yes, on the phone and macbook in FT settings I made double dog sure that cellular calling was on, which it was. Yes on both devices I confirmed that calls would be sent outbound with my phone number. Yes, I unchecked and rechecked cellular calling on my macbook to re-provision things. Yes, I disabled wifi on my macbook and re-enabled it. Yes, I went into the network preferences on my macbook, and forgot my network, and then reconnected to my wifi. Yes, I've done a master factory data reset on my IPhone, and did *not!* restore from an earlier backup. I set it up as a fresh brand spankin' new IPhone. Yes, I checked for software udpates on the mac, and on the IPhone. All were totally up to date. Yes I made sure I have sufficient battery power on both devices. Yes, I tried IPhone not connected to USB power as well as connected. I tried both the USB ports. Yes, I tried a different lightning cable in case of defect. Yes, I tried with my macbook plugged in as well as not plugged into the wall. Yes, I tried multiple charger cables in case of defect. Yes, I tried using both the 2 prong adapter, as well as the longer 3 prong adapter on multiple different chargers in case of defect. Not a damn thing I do is working! I turned to google, and also turned to the Apple Community forums, and apparently found that as of October 21st of this year, someone wrote in stating they, too were having this issue. If I don't get the error mentioned above, the other error I'll randomly get when trying to make an outbound call is just simply that the call failed. Again, receiving calls, no problem. I even went so far as to have AT&T activate a backup sim card I had just in case the other sim was defected somehow within the provisioning. I also tried all of this both with my screen locked, as well as unlocked. Yes I rebooted the macbook. I'm totally at a loss! I dono how for the love of peeches! you all're getting this to work consistently, but if you know, do tell! Please do not write me back on this thread saying, works for me. That's not what I need to hear/know. I know it works for some people. That's obvious from the podcast that was done by Alex Hall. I, however, along with many others can't get this fully working. Michael H wrote a blog post saying Apple has fixed most bugs, then explain to me why bug after bug after bug after bug seems to keep creeping up. Just as we think all is squashed, something comes up, and I don't mean just a little something... It's usually something really really severe. Realize this is not just an accessibility bug/issue. Apparently again as I said, many others are having this issue, and I've yet online come to see a concreet answer for why this is happenning nor how to fix it. Someone said receive an incoming call, and answer it on the mac. Once done, it'll be provisioned forever, but you gotta do that first. Well, hello! Newsflash, I tried that, and it did absolutely no good. I'm not trying to be rude here, at least not purposely, but this is downright pathetic! Has anyone! Anyone? at, all! got even the slightest? idea? If you all want some links referencing others having the same problem, just let me know and I'll willingly provide you all some.