Musical Questions: logic and latest on braille on Mac OS

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Hello all- I have some musical questions today.
*1 can somebody give me some pointers about how to use the score editor in Logic Pro? I can get it to read notes out but how do I modify them?
*2 anybody around here know the latest on BME [Braille Music editor] or similar for Mac OS? I had read somewhere that a Mac version was in the works...
thanks for any pointers about either of these.



Submitted by zeirus-fr on Friday, September 10, 2021

I can't understand.
If you want to edit music notation.
Or if you want to write notations.
Use musescore or sibelius or lilypond like me.
You can optain midi file then you can import this file into your logic pro or garage band, then you can edit and master next spet.

Submitted by Mara on Friday, September 10, 2021

short answer is I want to do both. now, I get it I can't have it both ways probably.
But if I make an error in logic, the real question is can I modify it in the note editor?

Submitted by zeirus-fr on Friday, September 10, 2021

If you make an error which is connected with notation, then you can export data to the midi file and import that midi file and edit for example in musescore or sibelius. But better as for me to make a quality music notation and import midid file to logic pro and you won't need to think about notation editing at all. You will be concentrating on mastering music like adding effects or changing instrument or more technically use patch and bank parameters.
Or if you have to make only small changes, for instance, one or two note duration, Then you don't need score editor you should use midi event list. I think this tools are available and accessible.

Submitted by Mara on Sunday, September 12, 2021

Hello all-
thanks for all the answers. can somebody please tell me how to access the midi events list? and perhaps give a quick tutorial on how this works. I just play music and have never played with midi itself.
Also, is MMuseScore now usable on Mac OS? Thought it was windows only - it's very good there.