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I was wondering if there's an accessible quiz creation app on the Mac. I'm interested in being able to create multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blanks quizzes and taking them in the app or saving them in HTML format.



Submitted by zeirus-fr on Thursday, June 24, 2021

As for mac, I don't know, but I use flashcards deluxe for ios.
I think the similar app exists for mac.
To convert to html file from your TSV-file is a trivial task.

Submitted by Alexandra Moldovan on Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Thank you for your suggestion. I will look into it. After a lot of research, I found no accessible free app and I didn't want to purchase an app without being able to firstly try it out. It would be efficient for us to have one for Mac, too, because it's easier to type on a standard keyboard. Or at least this is my opinion.

I don't know about mac.
I use flashcards deluxe on iPad.
This app is fully accessible.
And you can make any deck with flash cards.
You can make by typing in any text editor.
The format is very simple.
But you can code your required app very easily.
I use for coding python.
Is it suitable for you, I don't know.
For example, I made a simple app for my testing in Chinese on my windows.
But when i found the flashcards deluxe, I started to use namely this app for my Chinese.
Moreover, it is very comfortable.
But it is your choice, what you will use.
Best regards

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