Looking for mac os Chrome usage tips and a solution to the irratic 'chrome has new window' announcement...

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so fed up with safari being a POS with all it's busy issues. Switched to google chrome so just learning my way around but noticed there it does keep saying 'chrome has new window' or something similar when I'm just scrolling down a webpage. This is kinda annoying and not entirely sure what it is talking about because, as far as I know, there isn't a new window.

Does anyone have a solution for this and maybe any optimum settings for using chrome or tips?

The one thing I do miss in Chrome is keychain. I'm guessing that is something I'm going to have to sacrifice for my greater sanity?



Submitted by Greg Wocher on Saturday, October 9, 2021

The issue with chrome saying chrome has new window also happens in edge and brave. It seems to be an issue with any of the browsers based on chromium. As far as I know there is not a way to stop it. Firefox does not exhibit this behavior and has become quite accessible recently. You could give it a try. As for keychain you might try a password manager to use in the other browsers. Bitwarden is cross platform and it is free for home users. It has apps for all the platforms.