Looking for an app to create a list I can reorder on the fly...

macOS and Mac Apps

Evening everyone...

I'm looking for an app where I can make a list of items and reorder them without too much fuss. The use case scenario is an initiative stack for my Dungeons&Dragons game, which the order of the turns of players and me.

I used to be able to create a list in reminders and use the command control and the up and down keys to drag the order of items in a list. This no longer seems to work in 10.15, plus it says 'incomplete' before telling me the list item which is super annoying.

It's a bit of a reach but wondered if anyone had any ideas, aside from a text file where I either write or copy and paste names into the right order, because that's just fiddly and combat in D&d, for you uninitiated, is all about speed and keeping the flow of the story rolling.

Your hopeful nerd.