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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a free or low-cost HTML editor that is accessible on Mac? I have heard about Taco, but when I looked it up I discovered that Taco Software is now closed, which I'm guessing means there will be no future updates for Taco so I'm a bit unsure about using that now. I also know you can do basic HTML editing on TextEdit, but this doesn't work great for me as the Mac puts in different style quotes to windows, causing links and other elements that use quotes to not work properly. This even happens when the formatting is set to plain text instead of RTF.

I'm also looking for an accessible FTP client. I'm currently using the 7 day free trial of Transmit and it's really good, but it's very expensive for what it does in my opinion. Is there a free or cheaper version available?

I need these for my college course as we are doing web design and development for the next year.

Thanks for any help.



Submitted by Thomas Byskov … on Tuesday, November 1, 2016


For a HTML-editor you can use Textedit. The only thing you have to change is the quotes and dashes.
Go to Preferences inside Textedit and from the new document tab find some checkboxes for the quotes and dashes. Since I do not have my Mac set to English at the moment, I am not sure on how it is labeled, but it makes sense when you find it. Before the checkboxes you will find something saying: Options...

Another very good editor is:
It can complete your code as you type it like ending quotes etc.

For a FTP-program Transmit is the best I have found, yes it costs, but if you are going to do much with FTP or editing stuff directly on the server I think it is very very useful.
If you want another option then try the free: Cyberduck program.
This allows you to do most of the same things as Transmit, however I personally find Transmit much faster and convenient than Cyberduck, but I suppose this is due to the fact I have used Transmit for many years now. :)
Hope this helps.
Best regards Thomas

Submitted by Callum on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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I think I've found the settings you mentioned for TextEdit. I've turned off smart quotes and smart dashes and it seems to be using normal quotes now, the same ones used on Windows, so we'll see how that goes.
I'll give TextMate and Cyberduck a go as well.

Thanks for your help :)