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Hi all,
One of the things I was super excited to see in High Sierra was support for navigating by HTML5 articles. I don't know how many people utilize these as a navigational point, but on Windows this can be a very handy method for navigating sites with feeds. I have been making this a personal crusade lately, submitting bug reports for screen readers that are not properly handling them. Apple dodged the major issue, that of whether to lump articles in with ARIA landmarks. Unfortunately, the feature is not working for me, at least not as expected.
I tried loading a site which I know to contain properly marked up articles. I use VO + U to access the rotor, and VO + arrow over to articles. While using Safari I am told there are no articles on the page. I tried loading the same page in Chrome, and this time I can VO + Down arrow to navigate through a list. Strangely though, this list is not of articles at all, but a jumbled up mess of what is on the site. I moved down to one entry in the list which should have been the beginning of an article, and Voiceover did move to the proper place, but it made no mention of article in the text of the page.
I have emailed about the issue, and received the standard response. I wonder if anyone else has tried this, or would mind trying it, and likewise reporting the issue if it does not seem to work. I have read many surveys and such of screen reader web use, and it seems that many of us do not use ARI landmarks to navigate often, and I wonder if the same is true of articles. Part of the problem with articles is that most screen readers either ignore them, or lump them in with landmarks. What are your experiences, and is this a feature you would use if it were functioning?


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