Issues with Prizmo and Fine Reader on the Mac

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Hi everyone.
I downloaded Fine Reader and downloaded Prizmo for the Mac because I wanted to use OCR software. I'm confused as to why Fine Reader has you save the document before exporting it? How come I can't just read the document and not save it?
Also, when I export a PDF the document that exports is blank.
Can someone also explain how Prizmo's OCR software works and the steps to start OCR?



Submitted by Bryan Jones on Saturday, December 7, 2019

Hi Becca -- Regarding your blank PDF output in FineReader, You might try checking the following suggestion, which I've pasted from the comment section of the AppleVis ABBYY FineReader review.

When selecting the export format, choose PDF and set the export mode to something other than "page image only." I believe the default export mode for PDF is "text under the image. If you are looking to create a PDF file that is closer to the PDF/UA accessibility spec, there is a checkbox labeled "enable PDF tagging," which I have not explored, but which is defined in the app's help system as follows: "In addition to text and illustrations, PDF files can contain information about the document structure, such as logical parts, pictures, and tables. This information is encoded in PDF tags. A PDF file equipped with PDF tags may be reflowed to fit different screen sizes and will display well on handheld devices."