Installing windows on the Mac, and problems may i face

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Hello. i was wondering,if i install Windows on Mac,may i face some problems with Windows? such as:any function won't work perfectly,a certain key won't work correctly such as applications key? and in particular: the volume of the operating system would be great with Windows or not? i heard something about installing Windows on the Mac,Which's when play an audio file,or playing a video file,i mean Multimedia as a whole,i heard when playing anything from the Multimedia on Windows the volume is very very low comparing to the volume of the Mac itself, is that right? if that's true then,could you suggest me to do something to avoid that problem from happening? And thanks



Submitted by Michael Hansen on Friday, August 30, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Hello, As far as oddities of Windows on the Mac go, here are a couple: . There is no applications key on a Mac keyboard; use Shift F10. The Windows and Alt keys are switched. The Windows key is just to the left and right from the space bar and the alt is two to the left and two to the right, respectively. Yes, volume is lower on Windows than in Mac OS X. I suspect this is because OS X uses special audio processes unique to the operating system. You could go into sound settings and turn on loudness equalization under the Enhancements tab.

Hello, Thanks Michael Hansen four your information,i will put your notes on my consideration,it's really helping me out, excuse me ,about [go into sound settings and turn on loudness equalization under the Enhancements tab on windows,it would make volume normally ,so loud,or good to hear it and thanks