How Accessible Is Bootcamp With Voiceover And Questions Regarding It

macOS & Mac Apps

Hi there everyone. I have some questions for you regarding Bootcamp and its accessibility level when setting it up. I'm very sorry about throwing a lot of questions all in one post. Most of my Visually Impaired fellows who own a Mac say that you need sighted assistance when setting up a partition between MacOs and Windows? Could someone explain briefly the process of installing Windows and at which parts should I get sighted assistance and which parts can I do on my own with Voiceover guidance? I understand that you need an Iso File for installing Windows. When I'm in my Dock and say selected Bootcamp with Vo+Spacebar, will that automatically shut shown the computer and load Windows? When I turn on my computer, how can I select the operating system I would like to load and which Screen Reader speak the content for me? In everyone's opinion without being specicic and focusing on Apple products only, how do Windows based Screen Readers work in this partition? Thanks in advance for answering my questions.