Home and End keys in BootCamp

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Just wondering if anyone has figured out how to carry out a keystroke in Windows on a Mac running BootCamp. I am trying to do the Control Home keystroke to get to the top of a web page in a browser in Windows but with no stand alone Home or End keys on the MacBook Air I am a bit stumped.



Submitted by Michael Hansen on Monday, May 25, 2020

Hello Mishu70,

For the Home key, try pressing Function (the leftmost key on the bottom row of the keyboard) and left arrow; for End, press Function Right Arrow. This also works in conjunction with other keys, for example the Control Home command you are trying to perform. FYI, Page Up is Function Up Arrow, and Page Down is Function Down Arrow. Delete is Function Backspace.

Thanks for the info which I was aware of and agree that works fine in Mac OS, but the function key does not seem to be recognised using Windows 10 in BootCamp. I managed to get a work around using the F11 and F12 keys by re mapping some of the options in the default Jaws keyboard manager file.