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Hi. I have had enough of wordpress. I have tried it on the iOS app, safari on iOS and windows xp with nvda. No matter what I do or how much time and patients I give it, can not figure it out. Do you think it will work better on the mac then the other devices I have tried or should I not even bother? The only way I can make my pages go in the order I want them is to use the numbers in front of the names and I don't want the pages to have numbers in them. If I don't put in the numbers wordpress just puts the pages in elphabeticly order which is also not how I want them. I have spent days and emailed wordpress support and failed to figure out how to reorder pages using a screen reader. I just bought a blue host domain and may be moving my website there if I can figure it out. If anyone has info on how to use bluehost with a screen reader and what website builder is best to install to my blue host account or advice on reordering pages in wordpress please let me know. Thank you.



Submitted by Shaun on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hi, when you say page order can you give us an example of what you mean? If you mean some sort of page hierarchy then you can use the page attribute option when crating a page. So for example, you could have an About page with the attribute of parent and then numerous sub pages in whatever order you choose.

I googled "order pages in wordpress" to get this link.

In my opinion Wordpress is probably the easiest option for building a site and accessibility is generally good. Of course there are other platforms out there like Drupal but with the majority of people using Wordpress it can be easier to find plugins or support for any issues you may be having. But of course, this is a personal opinion. Sure there are lots of people who prefer other CMS.

Have't used Blue Host yet, but from my limited experience seems that a lot of the hosts uses the standard CPanel layout which is accessible to screen readers.

Hope this helps, good luck


Submitted by Jessica Brown on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I have spent days going over wordpress tutorials like the one you linked to. Yes, that one does describe what I want to do, the problem is it does not say how to do it with a screen reader. None of the wordpress tutorials have a section on screen readers which is why even after I have read them I am still no closer to learning how to use wordpress. I have spent days reading those wordpress tutorials made for sited people and trying to translate them to screen reader language. I can't do it. The keystrokes for a computer running a screan reader and one that is not running a screen reader are too different. Also, when I emailed wordpress support for help, they did not know how to use wordpress with a screen reader either. That's why I am asking my questions on this website that deels with computers from a screen reader prospective.

Submitted by Shaun on Tuesday, October 28, 2014


You should be able to use standard screen reader navigation keystrokes to find the page attributes section. For example, just using tab key or header navigation in NVDA or VO and left or right arrow on Mac.

What part of the guide linked to are you having problems with? are you able to find the Pages Attribute section when editing a page? Some of the options are not always visible by default and you will need to enable them in the Screen Options section.

I'm no expert but I'd be happy to help you out.