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Hello everyone, today, I was using the foxtubes application on my mac to listen to some youtube videos.
I found a button that was a pop-up button that said relevance. I opened the menu, and chose channel.
then my search results seemed to stick to one channel of in the table.
I went to resort it again, and can't find the button anywhere.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it was back on relevance.
my videos weren't displaying like they were when I had it on channel, so I again changed the pop-up button back to channel.
now, its disappeared. I know where it should be on the screen, but after switching it from relevance to channel, its as if the button now changes to a subscribe button.
Keep in mind, I am not logged in to this app while doing any of this.
Is their a easier client to use for youtube on the mac?
This app would be perfect if the interface had much better labeled buttons.
they keyboard support is there, but, thats about it.
the applevis entry isn't very correct to say that this app is very accessible at all because its not.
any help anyone?



Submitted by Justin on Thursday, March 3, 2016

I just use the youtube site on my mac. There's really no other way of using it that works. Just use the full site in chrome, using the VO plus J command or VO H commands to navigate by form control or heading. If you use VO left or right in chrome, it doesn't work well.