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For those that have Djay Pro 2 and aren't Dj's, I notice that all of the automix features are not accessible. In particular I want to select a trance song or whatever, and play it, and then start a mix with Djay choosing songs from Spotify with it's Match engine.
The only thing I've been able to do is add songs to the automix queue, which haven't been going together very well because I suck at that, I guess. Songs were starting in the middle, way after the intro. They say cross-genre, so I assume this means I can choose any genre like rock, doesn't necessarily have to be EDM.

Has anyone had any luck with this? They say this panel to choose a source for the mix is next to the automix start/stop button in the manual, which by the way is only possible to read with something like QRead. I can't find the automix start/stop button, BTW, I can only find the button to bring up the panel which pops up the Automix queue.

I really want to get into DJing, and if I can find an affordable controller I'd jump at the opertunity to learn and teach myself with this app.



Submitted by Jerry mader on Saturday, January 6, 2018

I've been trying to add things to the cue all day i just got the program. I can't figure it out for the life of me.
I can't understand how to add anything via spotify to the cue either or to select a playlist. I've emailed technical support but I recommend you to do so as well.
It's and ask them to fix this crap.
Also i've noticed that I can't add a folder in the "my files" tab either.
Can anyone else re-produce this issue?
Jerry Mader

Submitted by Melissa Roe on Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hello everyone,
I just recently downloaded the dj pro 2 app, and for the most part, I'm loving it. I do have a couple of questions, though.
First, I know there is a difference between auto mixing, and automation. I have been adding songs to a queue, but they don't play. I know there is the auto mix feature, and if you want you can auto mix songs if they are added to its cue, but I don't want to do that. I want the next song I've queued up to play after the one currently playing, when it's over. How do I turn on automation, not use auto mix?

Ok, I'm going to sneak in a couple more questions on you lovely folks. I notice when I turn on the microphone, the music doesn't duck. Is there a keystroke I have to press, or is there a setting I have to activate? I'm also using voiceover, so keystrokes rather than mouse clicks would be very helpful. Also, how do you change the crossfade settings when one song transitions into another?
Thank you for your help in advance.

Submitted by Stoo on Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hi, I've been a DJay Pro user on the Mac as a full time DJ for 3 years now.
I'm also involved as a beta tester for the new DJay Pro 2 and can confirm that there is an issue with voiceover reading the start/stop button and the associated settings for the automix queue.

I flagged it up with the dev team and hopefully it will get resolved in a future update.

My recommendation to anyone wanting to use the program would be to invest in a simple DJ controller.
It's possible to map functions to the keyboard but it's quicker and much more efficient mapping functions to buttons on the controller.
A separate controller with a built in sound card also allows you to plug in a microphone and split the sound to headphones which you can't do with a single soundcard built into the Mac.

Cheers, Stu.

Submitted by DJ-Joyman on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In reply to by Jerry mader

Hello Jerry ,
I cant be of much help for you as I am having the same problem! The add folder under my files is no longer showing. This got me very disapointed, too. I am in the process of putting all my music into itunes with folder and playlists now.

I have not tried spotify much yet. But I will do and once I have a solution I will let you know.

PS: I created a blind DJs whats app group where we blind DJS can connect, get help from each other and get together when we contact software companies regarding accessibility.

To join the Blind DJs group on whats app use the following link:

This will act as an whats app group invite link.

I hope we DJs can help each other out.

Keep enjoying music:-)

DJ Joyman

Hello Melissa,
what you are looking for is automix I think. As fare as I know playing the next song once one is over can only be done with automix. I have not used it much as I mix myself. I also use a hardware controller.

I cant re-produce your mikro problem. For me when I do it from my hardware it works. sorry:-)

Hello Stoo,
Cool you are using Djay pro longer then me:-)

Can you explain how bead synk would work. I know there is tempo synk but for powermixing what I want to do I need to use bead synk. I use the Denon MC6000 MK II as hardware controller.

If you use Djay pro for so long you will be a great help for our Blind DJs group that we are building to help blind DJS out.

We come together in this group to connect, help each other out and be a big group when we contact software makers regarding accessibility.
A goal is also to create tutorials for new DJs who just get started:-)

Everyone is welcome to join:-)

To join the Blind DJs group on whats app use the following link:

This will act as an whats app group invite link.

I hope we DJs can help each other out.

Keep enjoying music:-)

DJ Joyman