Can I use Zoom Video Conferencing on my Mac and does it have an accessible iPhone app?

Hi everyone,
Because of my english classes and the Coronavirus they decided to make classes online trhough Zom platform. I would like to know if I can instal it without problems on my Mac, and if it's accessible, and if there is an Iphone version, because it would be the eassiest. IN the Applestore on the Iphone, I found an app called "Zom Cloud meetings" but I'm not sure if it is the app that I mean. Someone knows something about it?, has someone used this platform on the Mac or on the Iphone?.
Many thanks in a advance and stay helthy and safe.


Yes, that's exactly the app

Yes, that's exactly the app you want. I use Zoom on my Mac and iPhone all the time, and in fact, I have a Pro account, so if you'd like to practice it, maybe I can give you my meeting ID so you can take a look inside! I'm not sure how much time I'll have during the day, but the room is always open, so come on in and take a look!

Many thanks for your podcast

HI, many thanks. Firest at all, I will ltry with my teacher, but if I need something I will tell yo, many many thanks.
But how does it works?, I mean, I received a link form my teacher, and he tells us to click there, I don't know anything more, how about account that you tell?.
Many thanks again:

You click the link and then

You click the link and then you'll be prompted to open Zoom. After that, you will need to enter your screen name (what will be displayed to the other participants) and probably adjust settings. You do not need an account to participate in any meetings, however, you will need one if you'd like to host a meeting.