using osx in a vm on windows 10

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hi. was wondering, could i purchase or able to legally download the latest osx, and then use it say in vmware player or workstation, under windows 10. is this possible. got a toshiba satellite pro, and well joined a voice over group on, want to learn how to use the mac. and the reason i did not purchase a mac, was two folder, or three fold. one, having to learn voiceover, two, does not support the programming languages i use, visual studio, no visual studio for the mac, and heard about swift, and the built in mac programming, and sounds a lot more complicated, and three, for the price of the laptop, for something equivalent, would been paid over $2,000 or $2.500 australian, way too expensive. so, can i legally download or purchase. any ideas, thoughts, marvin from australia.


Apple hardware only

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The answer is ‘no’, as the software license specifically limits the use of OS X to Apple hardware.