Recording with VMWare fusion

Hi All, has anyone been successful recording the sound passing through the audio device under Windows 10 through VmWare Fusion?
it's usually called stereo mix or "What You Hear".
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Yes, I do it now using Audio

Yes, I do it now using Audio Hijack Pro on Mac. I simply create a session to capture sound from VMWare Fusion, save it to an mp3 file, and transfer that sound through my headphones. The only problem with this is that it records everything, including your screen-reader while it is speaking.

Which Sound Card

Hi and Thanks for Replying

Do you do this through the Mac's built-in sound card or through an external one? I can't seem to achieve this with the built-in sound card.


Thanks for all your tips, I'll seriously check out hijack!



App Developer

AudioHijack is an amazing piece of software. Definitely try it out. It may look inaccessible at first, but it's not. the developers have posted a great guide on how to use VoiceOver with AudioHijack and have a commitment to accessibility, which is excellent of them.