Performing a search in numbers with VoiceOver

Hello Everyone.
I really need to work on a very very large table (16471 lines!!!) using Numbers on my Mac and I need to perform a lot of searches to find the rows containing the data I need. But I'm not able to find a way to accomplish this simple task. here what I do:
1. I press the cmd+f shortcut to Open the find window;
2. I enter the string I need to find;
3. I press Enter or I perform a VO+SpaceBar on "Find next" button.

Well, on the screen the correct line is highlighted, but I cannot find a way to have VoiceOver focus to get there. If I press Escape to close the search window, I find Myself on the first line of the table, and that's all.
Can Anyone give me a suggestion?
Thanks in advance.