App store not working on my Mack book

Hello all,
I recently reset my 2017 Mack book pro after a fiasco with Boot Camp. Now, whenever I go to the app store I can’t find any main stream apps that I need to download, not even under my download history. I made sure that I am in the US store and still, whenever I try and look for a popular app like Google Drive, Skype, Drop Box or anything like this, the search only returns with a hand full of random 3rd party apps that are distintly of related to the app I am searching for. It is a little nightmare.
If anyone has any tips on how to go about fixing the problem, or how to trouble shoot the issue, I would greatly appreciate it.


#1 I do not believe the apps you

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I do not believe the apps you mentioned, Skype, Google Drive, and DropBox are available in the Mac AppStore. They can be downloaded from their respective company's websites.