Adding accessibility features to my Mac crossword app

App Developer

Hello - I am the developer of a Mac crossword app called Black Ink:

Unfortunately this app is not even moderately accessible. I've wanted to add VoiceOver support for a long time but have been daunted by the challenges of presenting the 2D crossword grid, clues, letter values, etc., in a meaningful way that is not too overwhelming.

I'm committing to add VoiceOver support for the forthcoming 2.0 update and I am asking anybody who is interested to help advise me about accessibility features to join me on my company's Slack community. If you're interested you can read more on my blog:

Thanks for considering it!


#1 The Slack invite page was not working

App Developer

I realized that for the past day or more the Slack invite page I linked to from that blog post was not working. If you tried to sign up for my Slack team and it didn't work, pleas give it another shot!