Lost passcode of my apple IPhone 5S. How to recover?

Dear folks.
I forgot passcode of my apple IPhone 5S. I am unable to open my phone now. Please guide me how to open my phone without it or the way I can recover the passcode. Note, i am using IOS vergen 9.02.


#1 restore the phone, hope you backed up first.

HI. you will have to restore your phone as new. hold down the home button while plugging it into a pc running itunes. when the message says this phone is in recovery mode, follow the prompts to restore the phone to factory settings with no passcode. apple's site says this about your problem https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204306 hope this helps.

#2 There are several options

Hi Shaktikumar. There are several options. If you have a Mac, or a Windows PC plug your iPhone into the computer, and change the passcode from there. On the Mac, it's in iTunes, after you plug in your iPhone, go to iPhone settings on the computer, and there will be an option for changing the passcode. On other computers, I have no idea. I only have a Mac. If you don't, have a computer, the only option is to do a factory reset to your iPhone. That is, as far as I know. I'm not sure if there are other options. Hope this helps.

#3 Do you have

Do you have touch ID enabled? If so, you won't need to worry about changing your passcode.

#4 Restored my IPhone.

Got my phone restored through ITune. Thanks to Mr. BigPawedBear and Igna.

#5 a recommendation

Now that you have your iPhone restored, this is just a suggestion. you could set the touch ID so if you forget your passcode again, you can just unlock your phone with your fingerprint. Just a suggestion.

#6 Did that.

Yes Igna. I have set the touch ID and hope that I will have no such problem in the future. Really thankyou so much.

#7 Still don't forget

Though the touch ID thing can be great, still make sure to remember the code to unlock the phone. You'll need the code every time the phone restarts for almost any reason, including manual power off. Also, as it seems many folks aren't the most fond of iTuns, you might want !make sure you have a trusted computer despite any misgivings.

#8 Thats true.

That is absolutely true mr. Paul. I hope that I shall never forget my passcode again.

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