Lost Internet Access After Uninstall of Hotspot Shield VPN

I uninstalled the above app, Hotspot Shield VPN from my iPod Touch 4th Gen after having a look to see if its something I could make use of while abroad. It looked accessible, but not needing it right away, I thought I'd just delete it until such times as I knew it would be required. The problem is that since deleting the app, I've found that anything requiring internet access is no longer working. I'm getting a reading of 3 of 3 bars on the Touch, but as soon as I launch any app that needs to connect to the net, they all fail with varying error messages which all basically mean no internet access available. Can anyone suggest anything I could try to resolve this, or are there settings I need to check to see if the Hotspot app has altered things unknown to me? Getting just a wee bit twitchy right about now! Have tried doing the power key plus home key soft reboot to no avail. So any and all suggestions most welcome. iPod Touch 4th Generation with iOS 6.1.3


lost internet access

Go to settings wifi then choose the wifi network then double tap the wifi network to connect.

Possible Solution

Hi, If you can't get this figured out, you might try resetting your network settings. Go to settings -> general -> reset -> Reset network settings. All your stuff and settings will be kept, but you will have to rejoin any wi-fi networks you had set up.

VPN and Profile Suggestions

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Hello there, Currently I am using a similar type of VPN protection myself on my devices. The two things I notice that with the particular VPN app that I am using does two things. First, check to see if has installed a Profile on your device. To find out if it does. Go to the Settings -> General. Go all the way down until you get to the Accessibility. Right under this if there is a Profile it will say Profile. If you do have one. Double tap on this and remove any Profiles that you have under here. A small note is the Profile only shows up between the Accessibility and the Reset if one exist on your device. Lastly, let's make sure that VPN isn't set on. Go to Setting -> VPN and make sure this is turned Off. If either of those did exist and you made the changes. It should now work. Hopefully, that was it. HTH

VPN settings

Go to settings>general>VPN, and see if it got turned on. If so then turn it off. This is probably something apple should first warn you about. It's interesting apps can't modify your wifi or bluetooth settings, but yet have full access to network settings, even without asking you...