looking for muds to mud rammer

Hello. I just got mud rammer and it works fine. I want reccomendations on muds. Also I would like to know if there is a mud that isn't so focused on battle, prefelably all without battle. I like Alter aeon but feel that the battling is hard because I can't see what's going on in battle. plus I am no battle fan. //Sabrina


#1 Alter Aeon

Playing AA on Mudrammer or on the phone will be hard as it doesn't have all the scripts and things. If you play using Mush-Z there will be sounds to prompt you during battle.
As far as other muds I'm not sure what other muds that isn't battle dependent, maybe one of the space muds?

#2 Skill-based systems

Hi. I find skill-based systems often have non-combative play options. Clok is one of my favorite such currently, and a game called somnium is in development.

Try looking into those, and filtering top mud sites and such places for skill-based/levelless systems.

Hope this helps.