Looking for an iOS anagram game

Hello, everyone. I'm searching for an anagram game similar to those found on websites such as the Zone BBS. On this particular website, you are given a set of words that will enable you to spell different words with the same letters. For instance, if the word were "laptop," the solutions may be "pot" or "pal." Many of the apps I've seen, from Worder to AnagramEN, seem to display only the letters on screen. My sister has a love for anagrams, but she plays with the Franklin and its style differs from that of other games. In short, we basically would like a game that will give you a word, and you have to find other words with the same letters as the original word given. Thanks for any help you could provide.


Oh cool

Hi. I've been playing anagrams in my Franklin language master few years ago. I'll look for you something similar and get back to you. Cheers. Khalfan.

word lookup, Anagram finder game

You're most welcome. I got here a cupple apps, some aren't accessible with VO, and some are accessible. Unfortunately the one that is similar to what we use to play in the Franklin language master is totally inaccessible, but I'm sure that there are good ones. I've just tried lookup words anagram finder it's accessible, I've tested it. I'm still searching for the best. The link is below: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-lookup-pro-words-friends/id406150030?mt=8 Hope this helps.

Been looking...

For the same thing. So far, I don't think a game exists like what we've got on the Zone of the old Franklin Language Master. The closest I could get was, I think, Worders.

A difficult search

Thank you. This is a difficult search for all of us, since I've tried perusing the app store as well. Many of the word games I was able to locate are also inaccessible. I hope one of us finds a praiseworthy app in the future.


App Developer

We just submitted a blindfold cryptogram game (should be approved soon), and if you still haven't found a good anagram game, let me know - we can build one.

blindfold words in words?

With this game, you are given a word from which you find words that use the letters of the base word. For example, if the word is "blindfold", you can find "blind" "fold", "bold" "foil" as so on. Is that a game like what you're looking for? If so, Kid Friendly Software is the developer of yet another GREAT game. If it isn't in the app store, it will be.

Yes, Charles, that's exactly

Yes, Charles, that's exactly it. If there haven't been games developed that revolve around this, I really hope to see one soon. Also, thanks to KidFriendlySoftware for reaching out! I appreciate what you've done thus far and will more than likely appreciate the anagram game you may consider creating.