looking for good games

Hi.I would like to nknow about good games for iPhone.


#1 that depends on the games you want

What kind of games are you looking for? I suggest bit life, dice world, timecrest, mobile aquarium, and the games offered by x2line.

#2 mixed

I like pet sim or other sim games, arcade/actiion. Puzzles and word games is good too. I love that. I don,'t like fighting games or adventure games like a blind legend, wich,, is a good game but not,m,y cup of tea.

#3 Frequency missing?

I recommend this one. it's accessible, interesting and worth supporting. It's technically an adventure game, but more about story and puzzles than any fighting. It's nothing like a Blind Legend, but more of a supernatural mystery. I also recommend The Game. That's what it's called. It's more of an interactive novel with decision points along the way. I haven't actually played very much of it, which only serves to remind me that I need to. It's got a very interesting story, good narration and what appears to be quite a bit of replay value.

#4 Good games

Here are some of the really good ones that I’ve found so far:

Game World, Dice World, Path of Adventure, Timecrest, Word Rescue, Delight Games Premium Library, Alice in Demonland, Blood & Snow, Choice of Games, Land of Livia, Nobleman, Paladins, Wizard’s Choice, and any of the blind games. Hope you like them and hope that helps. Have fun!