Looking for feedback on new iOS crossword-type game

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Hi all, We're launching an iOS crossword-type game in the next couple of weeks. We've made sure it was designed for accessibility from the beginning, but we'd like to get feedback from users and are looking for on-line communities and sites that can help get the word out and get their input. I found this AppleVis site and loved the helpfulness of all the forum replies. I was especially delighted by David Woodbridge and his report on the in-flight app for Quantas. We're just starting an app like this for a major airline, so this was invaluable input. If you have any ideas around who I can reach out to regarding the game, please reply! And I'll be sure to come back to the forum when we launch and let you guys know about it. Paul


the game itself

hello this is indeed in my view the place to spread the word re your game. my questions are: 1. will it be a crossword game, or more tricky? 2. will it have timed modes? 3. will it have a set number of levels or more replay value? many thanks, william

i am here for testing and whatever

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hello paul i am really looking for games like those, cross words i am available for further testing and information. Well, i am also searching for the way of making a game multilingual, but the problem of cross words are that they cannot be straightly translated for example if you have a question such as: "it is not wet", 3 letters this can not be translated with 3 letters, as the corresponding word for "dry", for example in my mother language -italian- has 8 letters i'd be interested in such an accessible crosswords framework, so that a single translator can put his/her own questions, answers, solutions and schemas in their own mother language well if you want further contact, you can reach me quite easily - get my nickname here in applevis, then append a @, then gmail.com

cross word game

If you are going to offer beta testing of this game I want to beta test it.

A bit more respectful beta test offer.

Hi Paul. Welcome to this community, thank you for joining us. we always look for new games, and though I can't speak another language so wouldn't know how to translate, I'd be very happy to buy the game, free or otherwise, and give well thought out feedback on what works. Remember, some of us handle accessibility related matters differently, os it may not need as much as you think, or there could be varying opinions on how your game is played. Either way, welcome.


I just saw this so if it's still open I like to test it

Would like to try crossword game

Would be very keen to try the game will there be any option to competitively complete crosswords with my family

Crossly is Here!

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Hi all - we just released the game last Thursday. Please check it out and provide feedback on the accessibility so we can make it better. We designed it with these features:
Game List
- Every game in the list will voice who’s turn it is, the opponent’s name, percentage of game completed, and the current score

Game Board
- Every letter on the board when tapped will voice what its contents currently is. Additionally, it will voice the type of letter (pen or pencil) and its location in its word for the current direction of the game (horizontal or vertical).
- Tapping the clue bar will read the currently selected clue, its direction, and the clue contents.
- Tapping the header will voice the status of the game (same as in the clue list).
- When popups are displayed, their contents will be voiced as well (there’s probably some room for improvement here, but it’s not worth any more dev until we get feedback).

Search for Crossly in the app store or click here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/crossly/id871860021

You can send the feedback directly to me: pstanley@mercury.io