Looking for a Bible for Apple Watch

I have seen quite a few Bible apps for the Apple Watch. However, I also have trouble using them with voice over. Has anyone found one that works well and is accessible? Thank you.


Try YouVersion

I can't speak for the VO accessibility functionality on the Apple Watch; however, on an iPhone 5 it's great. This app gives you many, many versions and multiple foreign languages, too. Also, the amount of reading plans and topical Bible study options are countless. In the last update, the app announced support for the Apple Watch.


In response to Roxanne's suggestion.

Thank you so much for your response. I tried the youversion app on the watch because it does work well on my iPhone 5S, but it doesn't seem to work with VO at all, at least I haven't figured out how to make it work.

RE: In response to Roxanne's suggestion.

I just checked the App store to confirm that this app has Apple Watch integration and I was correct. Perhaps there is some accessibility-related issue with VO? Maybe you can get some sighted assistance to discover what is going on? Perhaps a fellow Apple Watch/YouVersion user can further help here.

I certainly hope you can figure out the issues.

App Permissions

Based on your comment above, I assume that you have given the iDevice permission to utilize the Bible app on the Watch? I think you have to do this via the apple watch app on the iDevice.

Thanks, Roxanne. I'm sure it

Thanks, Roxanne. I'm sure it is something I am missing. That app works fine on my phone and iPod so hopefully there is a way I can get it working on my watch.

Thank you!

That's right. I will probably have to do that. That may be why I couldn't get it working! Thank you!

No permission needed?

Well, I re-installed that yourversion Bible and it didn't say anything about the watch needing permission, but the watchis still not letting me get past profile, notifications, verse of the day and trending. I have double-tapped on all of these with no success. I even had the Bible open and reading on my phone. Thank you so much for your patience with me.

Try the Apple Watch App

If I understand things correctly, the permission must be given for the YouVersion app via the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. I don't think permission is granted inside the YouVersion app.

Confirmed Permissions

I just checked one of the Apple Watch 101 Podcasts that talked about removing apps from the Apple Watch. He did go to the My Watch tab, located the app he wished to remove, and then double tapped it. Once inside, he double tapped on the on/off button and it removed the app from his watch. So, of course, the reverse is true. In order to get your YouVersion Bible app onto the watch, this is the process you need.


Just realized that we are talking about two different things

Hello kjw810

I just re-read our conversation and realized that you already have the app on the watch but it's problems with VO that you are having. I apologize for my confusion. I wish I could get my hands on this one for you. But, until I have a watch, unfortunately, I don't know that I'll be of any more help to you. Hopefully someone else from the forum will chime in soon.

Nothing there.

I have the app opened on the apple watch and all i see is where you turn it on or off on the apple watch and how it is set up in glances. I haven't seen anything about permission in there either.

That's OK. I really

That's OK. I really appreciate that you tried to help. It's strange because some apps are better on the watch than on the iPhone or iPod and then, well, there's this, lol. Thanks so much and have a great day.