KNFB Reader free trial

I've read that i can try the KNFB reader before buying the app. However, i don't find the download link for this in the app store. How do i get the trial version?


#1 Try Before You Buy not available yet

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Due to some unexpected problems, they have not yet been able to roll-out this facility.

#2 Here is what it says at the website

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New feature scheduled for version 2.1 - coming soon:

Try Before You Buy
Initial download of KNFB Reader will be free to let new users test the app before buying the unlocked version; test period allows processing of 25 documents with all features of the full app enabled; full version unlocked with an in-app purchase but no charge for existing users.

#3 That's what i read. Then it

That's what i read. Then it provides the download/install link. Oh well, i guess i'll wait til the trial version does become available before buying it. In the meantime, are there any other readers that work similarly to the KNFB reader?

#4 Free and buy alternatives

Hi Janice
This app is free and works good.
the results using VOICE are not similar to knfb reader but is useful.
This is the link to download from the app Store
and the audio podcast demonstration is the following:
on this audio explain how to use and some tips about it.
and as well you are looking for another alternative
Try PRIZMO the price is US$10 but practically you can do the same using VOICE