Just Found Out About iOS 9.3

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Wow. I'm like so dumb. I've been using my phone all day and only just now found out about the update? Usually I get an alert... Oh well. Can't wait to see what the new features are!!!!


#1 Be careful

Personally I wouldn't rush to upgrade right away. It sounds like they've addressed a few VoiceOver bugs but it's always possible they've also unknowingly introduced other VoiceOver bugs. I'd wait until one of the AppleViz staff members releases a full review of the update. Remember, you can't go back once you upgrade. Just my two cents. :)

#2 Oops... I didn't think about

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Oops... I didn't think about the fact there could be bugs. I mean, I should know there would be bugs. I often don't think before I do things. Everything seems to be working fine so far. For instance, my wireless keyboard connects to bluetooth right away. Before I would get the message paring unsuccessful.

#3 Serious bug on IOS 9.3

Last night I installed the new IOS 9.3 version, and apparently everything worked fine. Until I tried to just open a normal web link and it failed permanently. Just try to google anything from any browser, and then try to open any web link from the search list, and just don´t work. Actually the browser gets blocked and need to be restarted. This happens when you try to open any web link from any app.
Hard to believe that Apple releases an IOS version, with such a serious and at the same time bizarre bug.
Did anyone experienced this problem ? This is really a big issue ! Any help ?

#4 I'm not experiencing this

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I'm not experiencing this issue. Give us a step by step example? Which device are you using?

#5 Bug on IOS 9.3

Thanks Dave for your interest. I'm using an iPhone 6 Plus. In the meantime, I did two things: first I restored the latest iCloud backup (already with the 9.3 installed), and the problem remained; then I restored the backup done just before the latest, with 9.2.1, and it worked fine. Therefore, the current version is the result of a restore of a 9.2.1 backup, however, when I checked the current IOS installed, it says 9.3 ! Difficult to understand how Apple can do such a mess ! Anyway, thank you very much for your time.

#6 All good here so far

I have upgraded to iOS 9.3 on my iPhone 6 and have not experienced any new problems. In the upgrade notes from Apple, it talks about addressing problems with voice dictation. Unfortunately, I am not experiencing any improvements with voice dictation. In certain circumstances, voice dictation still speaks allowed as I am speaking, making it difficult to use. Again, this only happens in certain situations. Otherwise everything seems to be working well.

#7 everything's fine here...

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i haven't experience any bugs on my phone since upgrading to iOS.3. my phone works great. i'm sorry for those of you who are having trouble. i hate it when things don't work.