ITunes Radio acting funny

Hello all, I noticed that sometimes iTunes radio acts funny. For example, I created a new station by searching for the artist John Tussey, and then selecting John Tussey and more. When I do this, a song by John Tussey will play, usually followed by something by Michael Bublé followed by Survivor and I don't like any of these songs. However, when I have tried to skip Survivor, this results in the station crashing. I then have to delete the station and start over. Also, I have ITunes Radio play a song that I instructed it NEVER to play. Has anyone else experienced this? Andrea


iTunes Radio issue

Hello, I am not having any crashing issues with iTunes Radio. As for the music its playing, it'll just play similar artists, or what people who have listened to that artist like as a majority. You can then tell iTunes Radio whether you like the song, or whether you don't like it. Its meant to work this way. Its not an issue as far as I know.

iTunes Radio on the Mac

Hello everyone. I don't own an iOs device but I have started using iTunes Radio on my Mac Book Air. I haven't had any crashes, nor have I had the problem of it not playing my requested artist. As I understand it, the more one listens to iTunes Radio the more accustomed it becomes to your musical tastes. At least this is what someone told me on Twitter. I have found iTunes Radio to work pretty well with VoiceOver, but I'm still getting used to the interface and the whole concept of iTunes for that matter. To my knowledge iTunes Radio is still rather new, and I'm sure all these kinks will get ironed out over time.