iTunes is Not Recognizing My iPod Classic After Upgrading to Windows 10

Since changing to windows 10 all my music was changed to open with Groove Music and not itunes after I connected my ipod classic 80g it appears to have deleted all my music from the ipod as when I switch my ipod on it says no music where previously there were about 4000 tracks.
Also when i connect my ipod to the laptop and open itunes I get a message "itunes cannot read the ipod advising me to restore to factory settings. All music is backed up on my laptop and when checking the ipod properties there is still about 30gig of used memory which must be my music. Can anyone help as this is very frustrating and the apple website is not much help.



I would suggest you power off the laptop and iPod. Then give it another shot. You may also want to consider pluging in the iPod USB cable on another port as some computers tend to not detect removable devices on some USB ports then give it another shot. Finally, if it doesn't work out, the great thing is that you have your music on your laptop and you can restore the iPod classic and start all over again.

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iPod classic?

Is the iPod classic still even supported nowadays? I thought apple quit making those, like, years ago. As for changing the default audio player, that's easy to do, just go to the start menu and type the phrase, default audio player and press enter. you should see a list of different audio players, and iTunes should be one of them. so choose that one by pressing enter on it and that should do the trick. That may or may not also fix the problem, because iTunes may not properly recognize something if it's not the default. stranger things have happened.