Issues getting newly created ringtone into iTunes

Hi everyone, I was looking in the iLife sound effects folder for a sound effect I wanted as a ring tone. I found one, copied and pasted it to my desktop, and then irased the .CAF file extention and replaced it with .M4R. It won't plat in iTunes. It won't even add the new ringtone into iTunes. I tried to drag and drop it into my tones folder. It said it inserted it, but I don't see it in my list of ringtones. I even deleted the ringtone off the desktop and recreated it, thinking I had done someting wrong. I then closed and reopened iTunes, thinking that may help. However, it didn't. If anyone has any advice on what I'm doing wrong I would appreciate it. Thanks so much, Holly


Issues getting newly created ringtone into iTunes

Hi Holly, If you can, try playing the .CAF file in iTunes. If you are, able to. From within iTunes, create a .ACCC version of the file. Then take the .ACCC file and rename it with the .M4R extention. By doing this, your rintone will now work on iTunes and will be seen. Or use a program which there is a podcast here where it will convert the .CAF file to a M4R file. I'm not sure if there is a Mac version of the program the podcast was based on using the program on a Windows machine. But if you are running Windows on your Mac. Look for it. It's called iRinger. You can go to their site, I believe is their official site. Hope this helps and can answer your question. BlindEducator

issues opening in iTunes

Hi, Thanks for the advice, appreciate it. Unfortuneately though, I tried to open it in iTunes and i'm told it's opened in iTunes, but it doesn' show up under music, tones, or anywhere. Weird. Thanks again for the help though!


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This might not be the most efficient way of doing it, but it might work. Import the file into Garage Band, save it there, then choose the option in the menu bar to export it as a ringtone to iTunes. Hope that works.