Issue with KNFBReader Saying Camera Lense is Covered

Hey y'all. I just purchased the KNFB Reader app about an hour ago and I'm having some difficulty using it. The app keeps telling me that my camera lens is covered when in fact it is not. I thought it first it might be my OtterBox interfering, But I took the phone completely out of the case and I'm still having the same problem. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, how did you resolve it. Thanks.:-)


By the way,

By the way, the app is in automatic picture mode with the flash set to automatic as well. :)

I do not yet have the app but

I do not yet have the app but I understand you'd do much better with both Flash and Scan in manual mode, Flash always on. I believe flash turns off when you eliminate the app via the App Switcher.

Did you try to

Did you try to
1. Reboot the phone
2. Check the privacy settings if KNFB really has rights to access the camera. If yes, turn it off, close KNFB reader from app switcher, start it up, see if it complains, and enable camera access again.

One more question about the app.

First off, thank you both for your suggestions. I tried them but it still says camera lens covered. I just switch to manual mode in the app seems to be working okay… Not great by any means, but okay. My question is this. I am still running iOS 7 .1 .2. Wood I get better results if I update to iOS eight? Thanks in advance. :)


Make sure your lens is not dirty. Clean it with a damp cloth, then dry it with a dry cloth. Maybe if the lens has something on it maybe that's why you are getting the lens covered message.


Updating to ios8 will help you alot. infact I'd recommend updating to the latest version of the IOS software all the time.
Since bugs are squoshed and bugs are fixed.
So yes update to ios 8.1 or what ever it's called.

I have KNFB and it works great for me. It seems to be a bit slower on the Iphone 6 , but that could just be me.

No Difference

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Hi Joe,

In my testing of KNFBReader on iOS 7.1.2 and iOS 8, I found no appreciable difference between the two operating systems.

So, if your only reason for wanting to upgrade to iOS 8 would be to increase KNFBReader performence...well, see my above comment.


It says on the site the last time I checked that the app wasn't made for ios 7?

But if it works that's cool. I just didn't think it would.

Recommending All Users Update Not a Good Idea


I updated all of my iOS devices to iOS 8 and now iOS 8.1. Given your recent comments, it sounds like you have probably done so as well.

However, I think as a community we need to be careful about blanket-recommending that all users update to the latest version of iOS.

I am known in my social circle as somewhat of a technology expert. When my friends (and family) asked me about updating to iOS 8, here's what I told them:

iPhone 4S: Don't update to iOS 8...your device will be dog slow.
iPad Mini/iPad 2: See my comments about iOS 8 on the iPhone 4S.
iPhone 5/iPad 3/iPad 4: Update if you want, but be aware your device will run slower than iOS 7.1.2 and obviously read the AppleVis bug list first.
iPhone 5S/iPad Air/iPad Mini: Update if you're okay working around the bugs in the AppleVis bug list.

Everyone uses their devices differently. When I offer advice to someone, I always preface with "Be sure to check out the AppleVis bug list to see if you can work around the issues..." Because, the reality is, not every user should install every update.

No issues in 8.1. In fact it

No issues in 8.1. In fact it's running very fast on my iPhone 5. So just update and the more we update and tell the devs what's wrong they will fix.

I cannot test out the knfb problem someone's having as I kind of don't have the app yet. lol!


Thanks Amkt62.
That's very good advice. Although I update as soon as a new ios comes out, I can see why you'd say what you did about all the phones and IPads.