iPhone Accessibility Issues

App Developer

When I am in a message or on the home screen IT will skip to somewhere else.
Such as I will be on the Icon app store and my phone skips to another App at the other end of the phone.
When I open an email or more rather I try to send a new message. I put in who I want. I am in the message body. It then takes me out of the message and puts me back to the top. It puts me where it says in box. Then I have to start my message again. It does not matter if my phone is flat or not.
Also it hangs up my calls. I find all of this very annoying. THIS has been happening for at least a few months or so now.
Another thing that has been happening for at least a year is my speech turns off without touching my phone. The speech turned off when I was useing someone IPod recently. Please what needs to be done to figure out why all of these things are happening? I have the 6 plus and I keep my phone up to date Just recently at times I need to turn my phone off and back on because voice over quits working why?
Also I have heard that Apple will not have a smaller phone? I do not feel this is right myself with very limited vision I cannot see the screen and use voice over. So I do not need a bigger phone.
Also I had a bad experience with Apple about a week ago. I called to ask about the Apple watch. Someone from Apple told me it is not for a blind person!! Not true! Also I was told when I called tech support it is not educational. My comment was I called to see how I use the watch.
My friend is sighted and I wanted to see if I would or could learn how to use it. This person from Apple told me that I needed to see an image to pair the watch. That is when I asked about it, it has voice over. I feel at times that Apple does not take care of problems in a timely manner. Such as the speech turning off when you are not even touching your phone or I-ppod that has been happening for at least a year or two. Please tell me why Apple has not fixed this among the other problems? I feel the phones are expensive enough that Apple should be doing a better job of fixing these issues. Thanks.
Also I would appreciate a call or e-mail so I know that this has been received and what will be done about these issues.
My e-mail is freddjen@att.net


#1 Memory

My cousin was having similar issues with her iPhone 6 before she got a new one. It was because her phone was low on memory.

#2 Not the right place for tech support

This is not the appropriate place to seek support from Apple. This website is not actually associated with Apple. I have never had issues seeking support from Apple and while Apple isn’t perfect, I don’t believe their record on accessibility or technical faults is as bad as you appear to suggest. I suggest you either make a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple store, send a message to @AppleSupport on Twitter, or go to the Apple support website found at support.apple.com.