iPhone 4S minor issue

Hi All, So, I had a friends number in my phone which he had changed. I deleted it, and added the new one. However, when I go to text him, the old number shows up saying other, then his old number. It does not show up in my contacts though. I called Apple Care and Apple Accessibility, and they said that this may have something to do with the latest iOS software which is on my 4S. I have my contacts synced with iCloud, and turned them off/on, to see if that would help, but no luck. I closed the app switcher, and rebooted the phone, even reset the phone under reset all, but still nothing. Anyone know what's going on or why? I also added and deleted both numbers, and they still show up in my search field when I compose a text to him. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Shane.


#1 It sounds to me like you have

It sounds to me like you have the old conversation from this friend in the messaging app. Delete that thread and then you will be good to go.

#2 a bit unclear.

are you saying that when you are searching a contact to text the person there are two names showing up? How did you delete the contact? did you go to the person contact and delete the number? If so, the old contact would still show up. Please, just do clarify some of these information. I might know the answer to your issue. regards, Musicruz

#3 Responding to make clear

What I initially did when finding out this issue was go to my text messages, type in the first few letters of my friends name, and his old number showed up in the results. But I don't have his old number in my contacts. Its just showing up in my text messages. I don't have a thread started in my messages from him. When I enter in his new number at first, I put in the right numver except for one. I saw this, and deleted it but even with the right numver in there, even that numver that I entered wrong the first time is still showing up to with the old numver he initially had.

#4 might be a sim card issue

It actually might be a sim card issue. In previous times, I had friends that had iphones and then switched to other types of phones. however, because they kept their same sim card and moved it over to a new phone, my iphone would perceive them as iphone users and only send imessages. This would pretty much make texting difficult because it would delay the message because the server had to figure out it wasn't an iphone and convert to a text message and then send. It would happen after deleting the contact and putting them back, deleting icloud, changing my icloud account, etc. Finally, it changed when one friend changed their sim card. This may not be directly related to your issue, but sometimes sim cards can create some issues especially because they record calls and even contact info. Changing the sim card is completely free, just go to your carrier and tell them its been causing you issues and they'll change it out. If it doesn't work, then sorry, but at least worth a try.

#5 another clarification

To Shane: Okay, so the old person's contact isn't on your contact list anymore, right? I just want to make sure that you properly deleted the old contact because some people think that after you deleted the phone number inside their contacts, it will delete the persons's name as well, which is a huge misconception how to delete a person's contact.

#6 Deletion in full and sim card

Hi, Yes I deleted the name and number by tapping on delete contact not just the name or number. I don't have a sim card in my phone... I'm with Sprint.