iOS's Notes vs the Drafts app?

I'm kind of undecided since $100 is $100 Mexican, on whether to get the Drafts app from
and I wonder for those who use thebefore-mentiond app, what's the advantages over the iOS's Notes app? Will Drafts, for instance, does Drafts allow to leave a Draft in the middle of editing/writing, and in a later date go back to it? Also does it do this with several drafts? What other advantages have you'll found using the Drafts app, versus the iOS's Notes app? Thanks for info.


#1 I use Drafts.

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Drafts is one of the most frequently used apps on my iPhone, and I no longer use Apple's notes app. Drafts has several advantages: firstly, when you open it, it goes straight to a blank draft, so you can start typing immediately without having to fiddle with creating a new note. Secondly, you can put it into "link mode" where you can tap on phone numbers, URLs and email addresses to activate them. This makes it extremely useful for the times when I'm on the phone and I'm being given a number to dial, because I can note it down quickly, then put it into link mode and tap on the number when I'm ready to call it. The biggest difference, though, is its automation features. You can set up actions to do things like searching for the selected text on Google, Wikipedia or other site/app; posting your text to Facebook and Twitter at the same time; sending a text or email to a group of people, including some template text if there's some text you usually begin or end your emails with; sending your text to Dropbox (you could create a new file, or if, for example, you already have a file you use as a journal, you could create an action to append your text to that file with the date at the top of the entry). You can even set up keyboard shortcuts for your most frequently used actions by adding them as keys on the app's extended keyboard. To answer your question, you can have as many drafts as you like, and open and edit them at any time.

#2 Drafts is one of my most used

Drafts is one of my most used apps too, for all the reasons the previous poster mentioned and more, but that doesn't mean you should get it. Notes is pretty powerful in its own right, and I use it as well, in my case almost more like a bookmark manager.

Anyway, my suggestion is, use notes for a while. If it does what you want, awesome. If it doesn't, think about what you want notes to do that it doesn't do and then do some reading and see if Drafts, or something else for that matter, can give you the features you need.

#3 Drafts is probably better

Drafts is probably better since it has more features than the IOS notes. You better check the app and you are going to love it.

#4 I vote for IOS Notes :D

I vote for IOS Notes :D