WeWALK Application has been updated. Get easy and accessible navigation wherever you go with End-to-End Navigation!

iOS & iPadOS

WeWALK is a navigation and exploration app for iOS and Android mobile devices, thoughtfully designed with our research, experience, and the input from our wonderful visually impaired community.

Our team released some amazing features in the most recent update that we think you will all enjoy. We understand that walking from one place to another can be a little exhausting, especially if the place you need to get to is far away. Now you can start your journey by choosing from various end to end route options, using a combination of public transport and walking routes. Or, if you’d prefer to call an Uber, you can do it directly from WeWALK app. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights in WeWALK app’s navigation feature.

In addition to the walking option in WeWALK navigation, you can get to your destination by using public transport. Search for the location you want to go, choose the mode of transit from the list of options that appear, and start navigating by selecting the route that you’d like to embark on. WeWALK will guide you to your public transport stop, list arrival times, and help you every step of the way using our unique navigation feature to ensure that you get to your destination. Moving forward, when you board a public transport line from any stop, you can select the stop where you will get off at and WeWALK will alert you when the stop is approaching through in-app and audio notifications. Choose your stop, sit back, relax, and let our app handle the rest.

In addition, WeWALK navigation will now warn you when you approach intersections, when there are elevators, stairs etc. This helps visually impaired people become more aware about their surroundings while navigating to their destination. Our app users have been sharing feedback to better improve WeWALK’s navigational experience and we’ve made changes in the latest update to address the feedback that they’ve shared with us.

As a friendly reminder simply write to us at hello@wewalk.io if you have any feedback that you would like to share with us. Download WeWALK app on your phone by clicking the link here and start exploring the newest features today.