Wearable notifications for IOS

iOS and iPadOS


So this is my use case scenario, I like having notifications on my wrist, being subtly alerted when I get a message or a call and so on... What I don't like is having to wear a smartwatch that, let's face it, lacks a lot of cool compared with a well crafted piece of time ware.

I currently have the Apple Watch series 4 and, I know it's the best, everyone loves it for all the things it can do and so on and so forth but, what I'd like to do is open up a conversation about other wearables that have more specific uses for those of us who still like to wear nice watches and only value the subtle notifications provided by the Apple Watch. What sorts of things have people come across? Are there devices that can do this? Are there devices that can do this and are accessible?
What I don't want is a discussion on everything that the Apple Watch can do, I already know it's great for and average use case which is apple's wheel house. It does 80% of what 80 % of people want from it. I'm talking about more customised wearables for specific tasks as I'm starting to feel like apple has thrown up on me...

Also, as a side note, I'm attempting to disentangle myself from the apple pie somewhat as I'm not happy with where it's products and software is headed.

What wearables do you use with your iOS devices?