VisionAssist V2.2 Released for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

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VISIONASSIST V2.2 RELEASED FOR IPHONE, IPOD AND IPAD I am excited to announce the release of v2.2 of VisionAssist. We have been reviewing all the suggestions and feedback from our customers and made many significant improvements to VisionAssist including: * in freeze mode, you can now save your enhanced image to camera roll * new easy to use user interface. You can now choose between using high contrast buttons or sliders. * new setting to only enable panning in pause mode. This helps make the app easier to use for many customers. * new mode - inverse Highlights (swaps the Highlights colors around) * you can now hide all controls by tapping the screen, so that customers can get a full screen of information * improved size of text notifications * improved zoom indicator * new translations for German * improved help screen This is a free upgrade for existing customers and we hope you enjoy these improvements and new features. You can find more out about VIsionAssist at and you can purchase it at the Apple Appstore. Thanks to all the Beta testers and the AppleViz community for the Beta testing help and feedback



Submitted by David Goodwin👨‍🦯 on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Speaking as somebody who has enough residual vision to benefit from this kind of app, I've always found this to be the pick of the bunch - both in terms of features and general usability. I'm thrilled, therefore, that the developer has kindly given us 3 promo codes to give away to users of this site. So, if you would like one of these, please post a comment below. Please do only ask for a code if you have enough sight to actually make genuine use of this app, as we want to be sure that these go to people who will benefit from what the app has to offer.

Oh please I am so interested in this app, since I just recently purchased another app of the same sort and was so disappointed in it that I was in tears. I lost my seven dollars and even though someone now suggested this app to me, I can't get it because I all ready spent my money on an app I can't use. Please may I have a code? I hope i'm not to late, and all the codes are gone. Thanks so much for this offer and hopefully I can get a code to finally have an app that will do what it says. I'm so excited about this, thanks again. Regards Zoe

Submitted by David Goodwin👨‍🦯 on Thursday, July 4, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
The 3 promo codes have now all been claimed.

Submitted by John Muoio on Thursday, July 4, 2013

WOW!!! I have had this app for an hour and olI love it. I will be leaving my Pebble home from now on. John