Using Workflow and APIs to get what you want

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I have spent the last several days trying to find a weather app for the AppleWatch. I can't seem to find one that will give me want I want in an easy to read or understand layout/format.

I have decided that I will use Workflow and the DarkSky API to gather and format the information I am looking for, and then have it run from and presented on my AppleWatch. This way I can have the info I'm looking for without a bunch of extra and so much swiping.

Has anyone done this yet? Is anyone interested in doing this? Anyone use Workflow to access data through APIs?



Submitted by Tree on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hi, This might not be exactly what your asking, but I use Workflow to get data out of Apple Health and into my wordpress journal.

The workflow I created for this is pretty complex, it's dozens of lines and 14 pages long. I have it set up to give me my daily steps, distance, sleep data, average heart rate, time in meditation, weight, and flights climbed. It's not a perfect system, I wish it could be automatic, but I use the launch app to pop up on my phone every night, and from there all I have to do is hit one button. I hope to, at some point, set up a monthly workflow that gives me some data and averages across a given month, but it would be a big job to set up such a complex workflow and I don't have the time right now.

When it comes to your goal, are you sure Workflow is your best option? it takes a few seconds for workflows to run on my phone, and I expect you might have to add a few extra seconds if your running it from the watch; I don't think I would want to wait that long to get the weather. What is it about watch weather apps that you don't like? I use the stock weather complication on my watch face and it gives me the temp with one tap. I believe you can put this complication in some spots on some watch faces and it will give you even more info, like if it's cloudy. Also you could enable the complication to auto speak, so you hear the weather every time you check the time. If I double tap on the complication it takes me to the weather app on the watch and then all I have to do is tap the middle of the screen and it gives me, the currant temp, the high, low,and if its' cloudy etc. I agree that some of the interfaces on the watch are very inefficient, I guess I just wouldn't put the weather app in this category. You could also ask siri if that floats your boat.

I'm not trying to discourage you of course, I am all for creating custom solutions when you can't find a ready made one. I would be curious to hear about your experience with your watch workflow.

I have looked at the stock weather app on the watch. It doesn't give me what I want (wind speed, humidity). I have a couple of workflows that I run on my watch, and they are a little slower. The slowest part I would think is waiting for the data being requested from the web.

I like the concept of Workflow. I am getting caught on json and dictionaries. It just doesn't seem to want to 'click' in my head today.

I wrote a workflow that allows me to dictate a note on my watch, and then it prompts me where to save it (Evernote, Drafts, Copied, Clipboard, etc).
Think I will need to backup and start a little slower. First off make some basic workflows to get familiar with dictionaries, and then work my way up to json.

I would be interested in seeing your workflow. Have you put it into the gallary? Are you aware of how to export them? Would you consider emailing me a copy of it to check out? Remove anything personnal of course.

Admittedly Workflow might not be the best choice of tools for doing this. I am using it so I can get better with Workflow, and JSON, and web APIs, and eventually scripting and/coding in general.
I wish they had AutoHotKey for iOS.