Is Things 3 Accessible?

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Guys, I just ran across an app while googling for a few things. The app is called "Things 3." Note that 3 was not a typo. It literally is called, "Things 3." Anyway, the problem is, the app is basically rounded up, 10 dollars. It looks really really awesome, but, I really can't afford to pay that, only to find it's not accessible, and then, Apple give me no refund. I've requested, evidently, enough refunds in the past for apps which were not accessible, that now, Apple claims it's not a matter of them not wanting to grant me my money back, it's a matter of their system from a software standpoint won't let them issue me any more. Frankly, I think that's bull crap, and is a potential line of fraud on Apple's part, but that's for another post altogether that I won't express vocally here, tempting as it might be. Anyway, I wanted to see, as producing a search globally up here on the AV website didn't yield anything I could see of value, if anyone has tried the app, and if so, what their success rate was with it. I'll buy it if it works with voiceover well, but I can not, and will not, for that mind, take the risk unknowingly. That's just not a gamble with an app this much I'm willing to chance.


very accessible

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The developers of this app have made it work very well with VoiceOver. It's even better than their first app in pretty much every way. If you need something heavy duty to help organize your life, this would certainly be the app. It lets you keep track of everything you might need to in terms of projects and tasks. I can see it being very much worth the price for busy people with lots to do at work or elsewhere.

Personally, I find it overpowered for my current needs. I find that a combination of Fantastical and the reminders app meets my needs now that Apple has improved its capabilities. You should also check out the Microsoft To Do app. Things 3 is very well designed and very rich in features.

Thank you tramendously.

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Thank you tramendously for your quick and prompt response. In that case, I will go ahead and get the app. I just wanted to be sure before I did so, as I would have hated to get the thing, only to find it not be accessible, then Apple not refund me. On that note, I am on hold with accessibility as I type this awaiting to speak with iTunes support to explain the situation. Hopefully, I can come up with a good stratigy going forward in addition to asking up here things like this, as people up here may not always know if things are accessible, and not being able to get a refund based on this, when it's something I may not be able to control, to me, that's unacceptable. Hopefully, like I said, I can figure out a way to convince Apple to change their mind on this policy.