setting up/Entering Passcodes, seemingly confusing/non-intuitive feedback???

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Hi there.

I am not actually an iOS user myself, so please forgive if what I am observing here is just standard fair. I'd consider myself technically-minded though, but not yet with iOS/voiceover at all. However, I have a client with an iPhone that I'm seeking to help, and tonight we noticed that trying to set up a security passcode/touch ID, on an iphone 6/iOS 8.1.x (unsure of last digit,) seemed to exhibit some rather confusing and non-intuitive feedback when trying to enter the Passcode, which I think is necessary before one can register/setup the touchID?

Although the typing mode was set to Touchtyping, and we were presented with a numberPad only, dragging finger over the desired number to enter, then releasing, did not emit the normal noise and repeated in lower pitch behaviour, normally exhibited, as I understood, after successfully entering a typed character into a normal edit field.
Should we have expected it to?

in addition, when flicking right near the top of the Screen, it would say things like "0 of 4 characters entered," and wanted us to reenter the passcode, etc. I also observed whilst listening, sometimes there were characters entered, but seemingly not the number of characters we'd tried to enter, etc. yet in the end, it did seem that it eventually accepted the numbers my client was dragging her finger over, even though we had no real indication we'd done this correctly, and now requires it to unlock her phone. even though it wasn't giving the standard edit field indication that it was accepting when configuring this. Is this anything you guys have seen/know about? I just couldn't see how anyone would get any decent assurance that you were even successfully focused on the correct field, e.g. the original, as compared to the secondary, "reenter" field.

Or is it one of those auto-advance deals, where once the 4-digit field has been filled, it just auto-advances to the reEnter field, but not indicating that it's done this?

Any tips on this one gratefully recieved.

With thanks from the iOS Newbie.



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Friday, January 9, 2015

It is one of the audio advance deals.
What it does it will first have you enter it and then it will auto advance to the next field and you have to re enter it again.