Seeking a more flexible alternative to Voice Memos for recording and playback of audio

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My daughter sings in a choir and likes to record rehearsals, so she can learn new pieces. The playback options in the Voice Memos app allow you to rewind only in chunks of time, such as 1 minute, 2 minutes etc. She often needs to rewind only ten or twenty seconds. Does anyone know of a recording app which is more flexible?



Submitted by ftealucard on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I am looking for a similar program for a client of mine who is a college student. She would like to record lectures and be able to save them to something like dropbox. She's currently using a braille note to do so and I know that her iPhone 6 can probably do much better in terms of recording quality and saving.

Submitted by John McCleary on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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The iPhone has the Voice Memos app, which would be OK for recording lectures as well as choir rehearsals. The only problem is the one I described, i.e. the rewind option forces you go back in one minute chunks of time (called track positioning), so you can't just go back a short way in order to rehear phrase or short passage. The result is that if you need to go back quite often to hear something again you have to spend extra time waiting till you reach it. I am hoping to hear of some other app that rewinds just as long as you keep the button pressed down (or the Voice Over equivalent). Let's hope somebody tells us of the ideal app! John McCleary

Submitted by Tina on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I have discovered two apps that could possibly solve your problem. One is List Recorder. I actually used this app to create a list with both text and audio elements. This app does have some kind of rewind feature.

The other is Drop Vox. This works if you have a Drop Box account. The only downside is that you'll need another app to play your file. I highly recommend Voice Dream Reader, since it does have the ability to rewind in small chunks. If you don't have Voice Dream Reader, you can get it for $10 in the app store, or, as I did, part of a bundle with Voice Dream Writer and the Voice Pack.

If you don't have a Drop Box account, Drop Vox won't work for you. I happen to have a Drop Box account, so I could recommend this app.

Drop Vox is highly accessible. It is a simple voice recorder, and all buttons are well labeled.

List Recorder also allows for longer recordings, and is very accessible.

I hope this helps. Thanks.